Hello, Hola, 안녕하세요, Bonjour,

If you like discussion on books and video games then you have come to the right place! I plan on doing a review for every book I read, no matter what it is, so later on I might even organize them into subcategories. But for now… you shall have to peruse them all to find the ones you like! As for video games, I’m going to try and write reviews as new games are released, so let me know if there is a new game coming out that I should try.

I love discussion, so feel free to disagree wholeheartedly with me, or nod your head vigorously in agreement as you read, and leave a comment!

I don’t claim to be a literature expert (apart from my degree in literature), so don’t expect a New York Times level review. I’m here to tell you like it is as a real, perfectly average person. My emotions tend to explode out of me like magic did from Ariana Dumbledore (ever heard of Harry Potter?), so expect to see rage, sorrow, happiness, laughter, and disgust as I pour my heart into my tired little laptop keyboard.

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